Miguel and Stephanie's professional compass is guided by their unwavering commitment to assist others, a driving force that magnetized them towards 3% Realty. "Having the capacity to aid families in securing substantial savings on their most significant investments is an endeavor we passionately endorse," they express.


The pair are not just realty experts but seasoned investors as well. Their investment portfolio is diverse, with a mix of long-term holdings and successfully completed property flips. Their hands-on experience in this sphere provides them with a unique perspective, enabling them to understand and cater to the needs of their clients more effectively.


Stephanie, originally from Oxford, Ohio, is a proud alumna of the University of Miami. On the other hand, Miguel's roots lie in Richmond, Indiana, and he is an esteemed graduate of Indiana University East. His pursuit of academic excellence didn't stop there as he went on to acquire an MBA from the University of Dallas.


Together, they are fervently building a high-caliber team at 3% Realty HEX. As Miguel remarks, "Engaging with the existing agents at 3% Realty, one can't help but be struck by the enthusiasm and fervor they have for our business model. It's evident that it has been a driving force in advancing their careers."


In the midst of their bustling professional commitments, Miguel and Stephanie prioritize their family life, cherishing their leisure time spent with their young daughter, Elena, and their two lively Huskies.


"Our family remains our topmost priority, a principle we diligently seek in our agents as well," they proclaim. This ethos permeates their professional world, where they view their team not merely as employees, but as members of an extended family. In this family-like environment, they strive to foster mutual growth, unwavering support, and a shared passion for their noble mission.